In the know



Dogs must be vaccinated, and pass an evaluation before being allowed in group play. Dogs must be spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months. 

Dogs who do NOT pass the evaluation are still welcome. They simply will be on an individual program in lieu of group play. 

It's EASY to join! Go to our "forms" tab. Download our liability waivers. Complete them and email them to We will promptly reply with our earliest available enrollment date. 



Dogs and Cats who are guests in our suites must be current on all vaccines. 

We provide bedding, and toys. 

Food is provided at a cost of $1.50 per cup of kibble. 

When bringing your own food please have it in individualized ziplock baggies, pre-portioned per meal. 

Let us reinforce your training goals during your pups stay. Request our Train and Stay program for this upgrade. 

Why Suite Dog Daze LLC


Our 7800 sq ft, climate controlled facility, has 5 separate play yards, enabling us to keep groups small for your pups safety and enjoyment. 

We have individual suites for dogs of all sizes. Dogs from the same family may share a suite for discounted rates.

What sets us apart is in our dog/handler ratio of 1:10. 

Our individualized program is designed to meet your pets unique needs. Our program is structured and routine based which helps dogs feel secure and confident.